Themba Trans

This is the oldest division in the Themba Group and mainly manages the Themba Group’s own vehicles, fixed sub-contractors and ad hoc loads with its experienced staff and consultants.

Themba Trans forms the backbone of the Themba Group and puts us in the position move high volumes of products in a short period of time at the right price. As we have full control over all these vehicles transparency and efficiency is the cornerstone of this division’s competitive advantage.

Even though the transport sector is under enormous pressure this division has been managed very successfully and aims to become one of the largest fleet managing companies in Sub-Sahara Africa.

The main reason for the success of this department comes with a scaling strategy that makes the overall cost of running the fleet more cost effective. We are also in the privileged position to have our own depots and workshops across South Africa with our partnership with Grain Carriers, one of the largest transport companies in South Africa.

This partnership means that our own and fixed sub-contractors vehicles and trailers are able to enjoy faster turnaround times when it comes to maintenance and vehicles are always kept in tip top condition.