Our Team

The Themba Group, at it’s core, ascribes a high value to empowerment, excellence and service. Here, every representative of the group and it’s divisions, play an essential part in fulfilling these goals.

Our consulting and administrative teams are entirely customer focussed, while all contributors and contractors in the supply chain ensures that the right delivery is made at the right place and time. 

Jaco Wehmeyer

B. Com MBA (Stellenbosch)
Managing Director
Jaco comes from an agricultural background working for various agricultural related companies for a period of 12 years. Whilst in the agri industry his skills and expertise in supply chain management and transport grew to such an extent that he found Themba Trans in 2013. Since 2013 the company grew into a market competitor in the Supply Chain Consultation industry in Southern Africa.

Gustav van der Merwe

B. Com MBA (Stellenbosch)
Marketing Director

Gustav is one of the original founders of the Themba Group. He has been part of the company since day one and has more than 12 year’s experience in the Marketing, Logistics and Supply Chain industry of Sub-Sahara Africa. His experiences range from Building Sustainable Business Relationships, Inbound Logistics, Transportation (Local and Cross Border), Operations and Efficiency Driver within the Agriculture, Mining and FMCG environment.

Granville Botes

B. Com Marketing (Stellenbosch)

Granville has extensive experience as a Logistics and Supply Chain professional with a career spanning over 13 years. His experiences range from Outbound Distribution, Transportation (Local and Cross Border), Grain Procurement, Operations and warehousing within the Agriculture, Mining and FMCG environment. He has occupied various management roles at transport companies and some corporates including Liebentrans, Liebenlogistics, Pioneer Foods, Quantum Foods, Clicks Group and Grain Carriers.

Magdeleen Frick

B. Com Logistics (Stellenbosch)
Manager: Operations

Magdeleen has over 10 year’s experience in the logistics industry. Originally she started out as an operational assistant, where she was able to quickly apply her qualification and skills in the workplace. She has represented various companies as logistics consultant over 8 years and has been heading the team at Themba Trans as their operational manager since 2015.

Corika de Bruin

Manager: Administrative Operations

Corika has been involved in Administrative Operations for more than 13 years. Her role is to oversee the administrative operations of the whole Themba Group. She’s in charge of the day–to–day functions as well as supervising and supporting the staff. She has occupied various roles at companies including Midland Group, Goudis Carriers, Terblanche Transport, LTC Financial Services and Grain Carriers.

Eugene Andries

Business Development Programme (Peninsula Tech 2000) / AIM (Associate in Management 2002)
Manager: Sub-Contractors

Eugene has been involved in the Logistics, Supply Chain and Fleet Operations for the last 20 years. His experience includes a wide range of supply chain expertise. He occupied various senior positions with various companies including Grindrod Logistics, Slabbert Burger, BKB Logistiek and Bextrans. He is currently responsible for all fixed sub-contractors in the Themba Group.


Kowie Adonis

Certificate in Road Freight Logistics & Supply Chain Management (Univ. of Johannesburg 2011)
Certificate in Finance for non-Financial Managers (Imsimbi Training 2017)

Manager: FMCG Division

Kowie has been involved in the Logistics , Supply Chain and Fleet Management industry for the last 30 years. His experience includes daily operations , strategic planning , sales and marketing , CMR , HR and  IR.  
He occupied various senior positions within the following companies Ramsauer Transport , Xinergistix Management  and RP Logistix. He is currently responsible for the FMCG and Container departments in the Themba Group.