About us

The year was 2012, and the founders Jaco Wehmeyer and Gustav van der Merwe made up their minds that they were going to start their own company. Having been involved in the supply chain industry for most of their professional careers it only made sense to build on previous experience and start a supply chain consulting company. 

Themba Trans was established in 2013 with the main aim to provide comprehensive supply chain solutions to clients in the agriculture, mining and FMCG sectors. This is done by understanding our client’s specific needs and delivering a tailor-made service at the right price.

Through innovative leadership style the company has grown year on year and have successfully migrated from a small start up to a medium size group of companies, each specializing in specific fields within the supply chain industry of Sub Sahara Africa.

Themba’s future will depend on their leadership and dedicated staff to adapt to an ever changing customer demand and market environment. Keeping one eye on the role disruptive technology can play in the future of supply chain management.